by Marco Missinato

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Passionate piano sing enchanting
original melodies to nurture and deepen
the bond between you and your cats

“When music is created from a place of love, not only man but all creatures of the universe positively respond to it,” says Marco Missinato, founder of Pets Love Music™.  
“Pets immediately connect with this powerful music, 
which provides a sense of well-being and an environment 
that allows them to completely relax.”

Cat Dreams is the fusion of two passions
—music and cats. Italian composer
Marco Missinato brings you this compilation
of exquisite music proven to deeply relax
cats and their human companions.
These Dream-inspired melodies will evoke your loving presence and will comfort your cat.

Marco Missinatoʼs sophisticated and romantic melodies inspire listeners to open up to their highest and truest selves. His goal is to reach for the inner depths of the soul and allow people to feel and experience
the powerful sound of music.

Press Release:

Relax Your Pets, Relax Yourself

High-Vibrational Music for Pets and Pet Lovers

Los Angeles, CA.  Dog rehabilitator Brandon Fauche uses it as a unique component to retrain combative animals. Tracy Acosta, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and owner of Biloxi Animal Hospital in Biloxi, MS now employs it to help her patients recover from surgery.

The new method is therapeutic music for pets and pet lovers. With his stunning new CD series -- Pets Love Music™ -- internationally acclaimed composer Marco Missinato wrote and produced music ideally suited to creating more relaxed, healthier and balanced pets. Most importantly, his music has been tested by veterinarians as part of the healing and recovery program in calming sick and hyperactive pets.
The music additionally is beneficial to pet owners looking to proactively help their little (and big) friends.
1. The melodies comfort pets when you are not at home -- thus, relieving separation anxiety and creating 
an ambiance which leaves pets – dogs, cats, – feeling safe and at ease.
2. The music is an essential traveling tool to soothe pets that become jittery or anxious when en route with their families.
3.  It's little known, but pets pick up most of their stress and anxiety from their owners. As a consequence, relaxing the human is as important as relaxing the pet. This music and its meditative vibrations leave both animals and humans in harmony and at ease.
4. The music is beneficial in veterinary clinics, as well as assisting in home healing and recovery.

"Canines are emotional with ever-changing personalities. Most people are always looking for ways to communicate with their dogs. I don't think they ever thought about music. This music is something different, something people are not familiar with," said Brandon Fouche, who rehabilitates dogs that are about to be destroyed. He can show you dogs which had bitten people or fought with other dogs and testify that the "Pets Love Music" series was essential to curing and turning the animals into loving companions.

There are four CD's in the Pets Love Music™ series: Dog Dreams Vols. 1 & 2, Cat Dreams Vols. 1 & 2

Through the specific research of monitoring animal behavioral responses to hundreds of musical tracks he composed, Missinato discovered that certain sounds help put animals at ease. Audrey Pavia, who authored "Horses for Dummies," said, "Marco's music really captures the spirit of the animals. The horse music, it captures the energy, spirit and power of the horse. When I play the music for my animals, I see a reaction. 
I see them relax, they seem to be calm and they respond to it."

To view the Pets Love Music™ video, log on to: 


“The music on this CD will improve the quality of the time you spend with your dog and will help create a relaxing bond between you and your friend.”
– Brandon Fouche, Dog Communicator

“The Pets Love Music CDs collection  is a musical journey into the soul of your pet.  It will touch the depths of your pet’s soul and your pet will share his heart with you on his journey.”
– Stephanie L. Brown, PhD, Animal Communicator

“My cats calmed down almost immediately while listening to Pets Love Music CDs. Peace was in the room, and total harmony was theirs.”
–Aline Noel, Cat Expert

“I love this music, not only my cats love it, but I’ve used it in my operating room as patients are going to sleep. I find it sets a calming and relaxing tone for the room.”
– Debi R., R.N

“I’m so grateful to be able to share this special gift of music with my beloved pets.”
– Eileen Andrews

“This music is so soothing to the soul ... 
I highly recommend the albums to my friends.” 
– Anne Chu

“Cat Dreams calms the soul, whether you live with pets or not.”  
–Nichole Choice, Writer

“My cats calmed down almost immediately while listening to Pets Love Music CDs. Peace was in the room, and total harmony was theirs.”
–Aline Noel, Cat Expert


released April 20, 2010



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